Introducing SciMoCa, our client-server based Monte-Carlo dose calculation service that sets new standards in accuracy and speed in radiotherapy dose computation... [1, 2] SciMoCa Client-Server architecture SciMoCa-Client SciMoCa-Server

The SciMoCa dose engine shares its fundamental concepts with the voxel Monte Carlo (VMC) family of codes, e.g. VMC++ or XVMC [3 - 5], coupled with a powerful and versatile virtual source model (VSM) that is based on published concepts [6 - 8].

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SciMoCa supports all types of conventional linacs from Elekta, Varian (including Halcyon*) and Siemens, as well as the Accuray® TomoTherapy® *, Radixact® * and CyberKnife®-systems:
(*) pending regulatory clearance

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SciMoCa Concept for Monte-Carlo Beam Commissioning

Virtual source models can contain very fine detail, but are much more efficient than explicit simulations (e.g. BEAMnrc) or phase space files. A virtual source model has a number of parameters:

Adjustment becomes necessary because the spectrum of primary photons from the electron target depends on:

Benchmark Elekta 6MV FF: Depth-dose profiles Benchmark Elekta 6MV FF: Output-factors


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